Sound Bites, Slogan, and Political Positioning

Sound Bites, Slogan, and Political Positioning

Advertising Age recently listed the slogans of 21 presidential candidates.

Forgetting who these slogans represent, if you know, or can tell:

  • Do any of these messages differentiate their candidate?
  • Are any of these campaign messages relevant, or compelling to you?
  • Which messages seem most credible? Least credible?
  • Which message would interest you in its candidate?
  • Reigniting the Promise of America

All in for Jeb

Heal, Inspire, Revive

A New American Century

Defeat the Washington Machine. Unleash the American Dream

Ready to be Commander in Chief on Day One

From Hope to Higher Ground

Make America Great Again

New Possibilities. Real Leadership

A Record of Leadership

Restore the American Dream for Hardworking Americans

Tanned, Rested, Ready

People Over Politics

Telling It Like It Is

Building a Better Country

Reform. Growth. Safety

New Leadership

Prosperity Through Peace

Leadership You Can Trust

It’s Your Time

A Political Revolution is Coming

Can you suggest a better slogan?

Let us know what you think.

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