5 Examples of Strategic Brand Messaging

Brand messaging should express a brand’s strategic position in ways that connect with its key audiences. That means your brand message needs to do three things: 1) express a differentiated promise, 2) do so in ways that are relevant to the audiences it serves, and 3) do so memorably. The best brands do this with consistency and character, time after time.  Below are a few notable brand messaging examples. 

Top 5 Brand Messaging Examples

Example 1: Apple

Apple’s position in technology is to bring out the best in every human being.  To deliver this idea, they have to be very real, personal, and non-technical in their language.  A quick look at their website shows that while other consumer tech providers might use highly technical language like “With the power of 128GB storage built in and up to 512 GB of expandable storage, you’ll have room for what matters most,” Apple’s brand message is very simple, human, and benefit-oriented. Instead of talking about gigabytes, their message is “Lose Yourself in 50 Million Songs.”

Example 2: Nike

Nike has always celebrated the athlete, and the dedication and passion that brings about athletic performance.  Their simple tagline “Just Do It” expresses that drive and determination most simply. Their recent campaign takes a notable political stance, which is a major shift for the brand, but it still does so in the spirit of celebrating the athlete. “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything” is the message of its newest ad. This idea is completely consistent with Nike’s brand promise, but when superimposed over NFL quarterback and political activist Colin Kaepernick’s face, it takes on new meaning and relevance.

Example 3: NanaWall

Nanawall designs and manufactures folding glass walls that transform spaces, such as opening up an entire living room to an outdoor space.  Their positioning strategy is all about reinventing architecture and creating extraordinary experiences. Their newest brand messaging campaign uses the message “Boundaries Unbound”,  and other Un-words, like Unconstrained and Unprecedented to convey the unlimiting effects their products have on built spaces.

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Example 4: Salesforce Brand Messaging

From its very beginning, Salesforce has been about revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers.  From its first “no software” message, Salesforce has suggested there is a better, easier way to build lasting relationships with customers.  Their latest brand messaging is “connect to your customers in a whole new way,” highlighting their heritage. Supporting product messages also use active language to give someone the idea of being on the cutting edge. Their Sales Cloud message is “Give your sales teams the power to close deals like never before.” These messages are very different from the Apple and Nike messages above,  but this is Business to Business software, so the benefits stated clearly, directly, and with ambition.

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Example 5: BMW

BMW’s position among automakers as “the ultimate driving machine” highlights their uncompromising engineering and performance. When BMW launched its first electric vehicle, it took a similar stance with the brand message, “Some fear change, others drive it.” In advertising its sedans, it exclaims “passion wins.”  Even though these brand messages differ from each other, they are each a new way of laying claim to the ultimate driving experience.


Always start with your strategic position – the unique promise you make to the world that helps you stand out.

Consider the needs and perceptions of the audiences you are trying to reach with your brand message

Identify the takeaways you want each audience to have – what are the 2-3 ideas you most want to convey?

Speak in the language of your brand, whether it’s formal or informal, functional or creative

Look at your messages holistically – they may speak to different audiences, but do they add up? Do they each help convey your core promise in their own way?


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