Brand Identity vs Brand Image

If brand identity is the reality of who you are, your image is how people think of you. Your image is created through your interactions with customers and partners, through your visual and verbal brand identity, and external factors such as press coverage and social media. When your image is in alignment with your identity, you can build a strong brand.

Visual Brand Identity

Visual identity is often the most visible and recognizable communication tool an organization has. It should be a unique and memorable expression of your identity. Again, it’s not just about the logo. Visual brand identity includes use of type and color, image type and placement, as well as logos, symbols or wordmarks. When they work together as a system, they create a cohesive presence for your organization. When expressed effectively across customer touchpoints, your visual brand identity will reinforce a positive image in the minds of your important audiences.

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Verbal Brand Identity

Verbal brand identity, which might include your name, a tagline or slogan, voice and tone and other verbal cues, goes hand in hand with your visual brand identity to reach your audiences in memorable, compelling, and authentic ways.  It is part of your overall toolkit, helping you express your brand identity across all touchpoints.

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