Forecast: Cloudy Days Ahead

Forecast: Cloudy Days Ahead

As discussed in this recent article that appeared in The New York Times, companies the world over, large and small, are waking up to cloud computing. It’s one of the most referenced – and recognized – terms in business today.

Brands and their audiences are taking notice. You’d have to be living off the grid entirely to miss Microsoft’s advertising blitz, bringing the cloud to businesses and consumers in ways that increase information availability and computing power, reduce cost, and generally make life more convenient.  With brands like Azure, Microsoft’s enterprise cloud computing platform, Cloud Drive from Amazon, and Sales Cloud and Service Cloud from Salesforce, we’re seeing a frenzy of meteorologically-themed branding that could soon rival the “e” naming craze of the late 1990s.

The challenge for tech companies, from a naming point of view, is to be a part of the buzz without relying too heavily on the buzzword. “Cloud” is currently a buzzword – like “branding”, or “innovation,” “e-“ or “” have been before it. In today’s rapidly paced market, what was once “new” will become table stakes in a very short time. The key is to position your company and products in a way that is familiar, meaningful and appealing to your customers in the near future, but also unique, differentiating and sustainable over the long term.

Read The New York Times article.

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