Building a Strong Corporate Identity

Building a Strong Corporate Identity

Most organizations realize that having a strong brand identity brings many benefits, among them more motivated employees, competitive advantage in the marketplace and a clear brand promise to engage customers and stakeholders.

But it’s not always clear how to build a strong identity if you don’t already have one. What does it take? And how do you know what to aim for?


Building a Strong Corporate Identity

My colleague Carlie Danielson and I put together this short video with our advice for organizations that want to build a strong identity. For instance, here are five elements you need to check off when it comes to developing a strong corporate identity. We believe companies need a “big idea” that:

  • You can own
  • Differentiates you
  • Is relevant to target audiences
  • Is big enough to be sustainable
  • Is motivational to employees

In addition, developing a strong identity takes time and people. Check out our advice on how to marshal these resources in the video. Or learn more about our identity strategy services.

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