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In an era of big brand agency networks and conglomerates, Marshall Strategy stands out. A privately-owned brand agency with a senior team of experienced and passionate professionals, we collaborate closely with our clients from beginning to end.

We take brand and identity strategy seriously, working with leadership to understand the fundamentals of who they are, why they matter, how they compete, the audiences that are critical to their success and the opportunities for brand success. We use this knowledge to develop relevant brand and identity strategies that guide operations, communications and culture – purposefully and effectively.

Organizations come to us when they need to respond to marketing, competitive brand and communication challenges quickly and powerfully. This includes turnarounds, mergers, company or product launches and relaunches, and new initiatives.

When an organization knows clearly who they are and why they matter, business moves effortlessly. Employees and stakeholders are inspired to do the right thing and are rewarded for fulfilling their purpose. Culture thrives. Customers and investors come to them for the right reasons. We facilitate these results through our focus on brand strategy fundamentals, through thoughtful listening, and by developing big, galvanizing ideas.

We work with a range of organizations, from start-ups to multinational giants, governments and non-profits, in a variety of industries and sectors. Our cross-industry exposure keeps us vigilant to changing circumstances and emerging trends.

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Keys to a Successful Brand Agency Relationship

Our clients often ask – what are the keys to a successful brand agency relationship? We believe it takes three things: The commitment of senior leadership to a differentiating and meaningful purpose; the dedication of the time and resources to complete a disciplined process; and a big idea that will inspire, motivate and galvanize the organization. At Marshall Strategy, we succeed because we remain focused on these three goals.

Our Approach to Branding

We seek to understand the true brand essence of any organization. It is the platform upon which we build your story.

We are committed to the idea that a clear, compelling identity can enable breakthroughs in corporate performance, employee engagement, and audience perceptions.

Our approach is hands on and in-depth, using traditional and new methods tailored to each engagement. See our Brand Strategy process.

Branding Services

Our branding agency is focused on the core principles of brand value, including positioning strategy, brand architecture, messaging, naming and corporate identity. These strategic foundations enable and inspire resonant, coherent and appealing communications across touchpoints. We deliver our services individually or as part of an integrated effort, depending on each unique client need. In every case, we take a rigorous yet tailored approach, to ensure that we cover the unique challenges of every assignment. Because we work across industries,  we are able to apply best practices and lessons learned from one positioning, naming or brand architecture assignment to another, without resorting to homogenizing formulas. Our senior professionals are committed to each project we take on, from beginning to end.

We have been recognized as a Top Branding Agency in 2019 by DesignRush.

Positioning Strategy & Brand Positioning

We have proven success in positioning companies and brands for competitive advantage.
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Brand Naming Strategy

We have a successful track record for creating compelling names and cohesive naming systems.
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Messaging Strategy

We support strategic positioning with relevant messages relevant to key audiences.
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Brand Architecture

We rationalize brand portfolios for clarity, effectiveness and impact.
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Identity and Brand Strategy

We have created some of the world’s best regarded corporate and brand identities.
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Brand Research

We use qualitative and quantitative research to gain strategic and creative brand insights.
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Leadership Team

Philip DurbrowPhilip Durbrow

Philip Durbrow

Philip is one of the world’s leading authorities on corporate and brand identity. He provides leadership for our firm and strategic and creative guidance to high level corporate, government and non-profit clients.
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Ken PasternakKen Pasternak

Ken Pasternak

With a diverse background in writing, education, music, film, television and digital, Ken directs strategic identity and branding programs for Marshall’s global clients.
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Elaine Stern

Elaine is a market research subject matter expert bringing new and valuable insights into our engagements. She has extensive experience leading the Customer Insights function at technology companies.
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We are committed to the idea that a clear, compelling identity can enable breakthroughs in corporate performance, employee engagement and audience perceptions.

Our approach is hands-on and in-depth, using traditional and new methods tailored to each engagement.

Strategic Partners

We marshal and manage world-class resources to ensure our clients success. Our industry partnerships include:

  • Public Relations
  • Web Development
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Marketing Plans
  • Design
  • Content
  • Advertising

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